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Winter Wellness Guide & Winter Nutrition

We become what we digest, not what we eat. That’s what Ayurveda tells us.

Proper digestion is essential to keep the body healthy: it takes 30-35 days for our digested food to become all of our bodily tissues. But only if digestion was proper: anything we didn’t digest becomes toxic food waste (ama) that can make us feel heavy and unbalanced. If digestion was incomplete, tissues won’t be formed completely or the digested food essence doesn’t reach the more subtle tissues.

How do we digest well? Eating with the seasons, fine tuned for your body type (dosha) is one of the best way to keep digestion healthy. So let’s have a closer look at how we need to eat in winter for perfect health. Continue Reading

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Your Yoga Will Save The Planet – a personal story about climate change

A few weeks ago, it suddenly clicked.

Of course I’d been conscious about creating less plastic waste, buying only sustainable or second hand clothes, using the heating only when it’s really, really cold and buying tea lights for the studio without a metal holder.

But this was just a mental thing so far: I knew I had to be more sustainable with my actions so I tried my best.

And then one day, I watched a video of a medium talking to a spirit about climate change. (I never believed in mediums by the way, until last year I suddenly realised that if I’m just life force having a human experience, that life force must still be somewhere and we must be able to communicate with it on an intuitive level)

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