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The Yoga Of Activism

Yoga is everything. There’s nothing in this life that doesn’t have the promise of yoga – union – in it. Everything we do can be yoga.

I feel that in modern day yoga, we see the practice as a completely separate thing from other aspects of our lives. Something that we do and then not do. We’re immersed in the magic of existence for a moment, and then make tea and forget about it.

What if we could make tea and still practice yoga? Or better yet: what if we could ESPECIALLY practice yoga when we make tea?

That’s where the real magic happens. And that’s when yoga becomes activism.

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How Life Forced Me To Stop And Relax

As you might already know, I’ve been looking for a new yoga space for quite some time now. To be exact, for over a year I’ve been actively searching for our new yoga home almost every day. Why? Because first we heard that our beautiful little basement we had until last December was going to be turned into a paella restaurant (I know :D) and now, we also have to leave our new (but initially temporary) space because of the neighbours not liking the fact that we exist.

The complaints are that we walk barefoot through the hallway, we open the door, we use incense (the doorman smokes in the hallway!) and soft music.

So basically the universe thought: if I have to make her leave those two places because that don’t fit her energy anymore, then at least I’ll make sure she’ll have a laugh. And I did! The reasons for us having to leave these two places are so ridiculous that I actually feel ok about it.

But what now? I need a new space for us in September and Madrid as a city is kind of closed during August. What do I do? I rest.

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Winter Wellness Guide & Winter Nutrition

We become what we digest, not what we eat. That’s what Ayurveda tells us.

Proper digestion is essential to keep the body healthy: it takes 30-35 days for our digested food to become all of our bodily tissues. But only if digestion was proper: anything we didn’t digest becomes toxic food waste (ama) that can make us feel heavy and unbalanced. If digestion was incomplete, tissues won’t be formed completely or the digested food essence doesn’t reach the more subtle tissues.

How do we digest well? Eating with the seasons, fine tuned for your body type (dosha) is one of the best way to keep digestion healthy. So let’s have a closer look at how we need to eat in winter for perfect health. Continue Reading