Meal & Workout Plan For Your Body Type




Frustrated about all the nutrition & fitness advice out there?


Ayurveda’s approach is refreshingly simple: eat, move & sleep for your body type.


But what is your body type? We’ll figure that out together!


You’ll receive a simple & short questionnaire that will determine your dosha (constitution). Once we know this, you will receive:

:: a personal email with your body type and what this means for you

:: a workout plan (what, when, how often to workout and do yoga)

:: a one day meal plan that you can use to feel balanced & healthy instantly

:: a link to two of my yoga videos that are balancing for your body type


You’ll receive the workout & meal plan in your inbox within 48 hours after sending me back your questionnaire, so you can get balanced right away!




#1 Upon purchasing, you will be able to download the questionnaire

#2 Fill it out in the pdf file (you can write in it : ) and send it back to me

#3 Within 48 hours, you'll receive your personal workout & meal plan in your inbox!
You will receive:

#1 personal email with explanation about your body type
#2 workout plan for your body type
#3 one day meal plan to balance your body type
#4 a link to two of my yoga videos that are balancing for your body type
This meal plan & guide is for you when:

* you got lost in the forest of conflicting health info
* you don't have time to figure out what's good for your body
* you don't know what type of workout and yoga actually works for you
* you want a simple to use plan to feel balanced again
* you'd like to know your body type