Unlimited Yoga Card – 14 Weeks Of Yoga



If you love going to yoga whenever you want and as much as you want without thinking if your card has expired or how many classes you have left, this card is perfect for you. Or maybe you made a commitment to yourself to finally make yoga part of your healthy habits, then this card will be the little push you need to reach your goal.


This card is valid from September 3 until December 10 2017 for all group classes of The Natural Yogi, so 14 weeks total. Which means you’ll only pay 17 euros a week while you have 10 weekly classes to choose from!


If you plan on going twice a week, this card will be a lot cheaper than any of the other cards we have.


Upon payment, you’ll receive a purchase confirmation and we’ll make sure your card is ready for you at the studio.


See you in the flow!

You're a few simple clicks away from your unlimited yoga journey : )

The purchasing process takes about 5 minutes, simply follow the steps through paypal and you're all done!
This card is valid for ALL group classes of The Natural Yogi between September 3 and December 10.

Workshops, special classes and events are excluded from the card.

As we do our best to never cancel a class, there might be some unforsoon cases in which we do have to cancel a group class. But since there are 10 weekly classes, you can simply join another class that week.
After collecting your card, please ALWAYS bring it to class with you. Joining without a class card is NOT possible.

You'll get a little heart when you join so you know how many times you went at the end of the 3 months : )