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Happiness Diaries Of Nutrition Health Coach Katie

Struggles with body image issues, is what led Katie to become a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. With her (online & offline) coaching practice called Whole Nourishment, she inspires us with delicious wholesome recipes, daily rituals of self care and intuitive eating tips.

As an American expat, she moved her office from the US to Switserland to Madrid where she now helps her clients through private coaching and awesome workshops like a Sugar Cravings Workshop to bust your sugar cravings for good.

Today, she shares her own daily rituals for health & happiness and even 3 mouthwatering breakfast recipes.

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What Is The Best Time To Do Yoga?

Yes. I know it’s hard, rolling out your mat in the morning and actually getting on it. (I’ll tell you why if feels so hard in this post) 

So maybe you’re a lunch time yogi. Or you wait until you come home and have a nice little evening flow.

But what time is actually best to practice yoga or work out? And while we’re at it: what is the best time for a big meal, a creative meeting or even asking for a raise? Ayurveda has the answers!

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Why You Are Out Of Balance In Spring & How To Fix It

Every spring and autumn, I get a lot more people who ask me for a 3 week personalised yoga plan.

Not because I promote more in spring & autumn : ) But because these transitional seasons are challenging for our bodies.

People usually feel heavier & tired after winter or they get into a bad sleep-bad diet-no exercise-everything feels like crap-viscous cycle.

Luckily there are lots of little things you can do to swing back into balance. Here are my top 5 tips for spring!

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What Do I Eat?

It’s weird but it’s true: many women love looking at what other women eat.

Is it because it allows us to navigate through the maze of advice on how & what to eat? Or does it make us feel good about those cookies when we know others eat them too?

Not sure.

But I have to admit: I love watching what I ate videos & blogs : )

So here is mine.

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