Personalised 3 Week Yoga Plan

Upon booking, you will receive a questionnaire. Please fill this in & send it back to [email protected]
Your 3 Week Yoga Plan includes:

♡ link to 6 different yoga videos, selected for you
♡ a weekly plan by email with daily rituals for your wishes, imbalance or body type
♡ personalised lifestyle & nutrition advice
♡ essential oil advice for your body type
♡ answers to all of your yoga & health questions
♡ follow up email after the 3 weeks
This is for everyone who wants special personal guidance in better health & happiness.

Some examples of challenges I can help you with:

♡ you feel your body is out of balance
♡ you want to balance your weight
♡ you struggle with insomnia
♡ you want to kick start healthy habits
♡ you want to improve your muscle strength
♡ you can't seem to focus