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    A 60-Minute Liquid Flow Playlist

    Do you love to practice to music? I do! I think that the right music can really change the depth of your practice. Thats why I’m very happy to share my 60-minute liquid flow…

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    Happiness Diaries Of Nutrition Health Coach Katie

    Struggles with body image issues, is what led Katie to become a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. With her (online & offline) coaching practice called Whole Nourishment, she inspires us with delicious wholesome recipes,…

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    What Is The Best Time To Do Yoga?

    Yes. I know it’s hard, rolling out your mat in the morning and actually getting on it. (I’ll tell you why if feels so hard in this post)Β  So maybe you’re a lunch time…

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    What The Hell Do I Eat?

    It’s weird but it’s true: many women love looking at what other women eat. Is it because it allows us to navigate through the maze of advice on how & what to eat? Or…