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    3 True Self Care Practices

    Self Care. I see this everywhere. How important it is to do self care rituals. But then all I see if people laying in a bath eating a mount everest of chocolate or having…

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    My Top 3 Ayurvedic Travel Tips & Yoga Poses

    Wondering why your skin dries out but you’re bursting with creativity during a flight? It’s the air element! Traveling (especially through the sky) increases vata, the Ayurvedic constitution with the most air & space.…

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    You Have Important Shit To Do

    ‘Mother Teresa didn’t walk around complaining about her thighs – she had shit to do.’ Sarah Silverman I’m currently finishing my Ayurvedic Health Counseler studies and recently learned about the real reason Ayurveda &…

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    My Cleansing Summer Morning Ritual

    When the seasons change I don’t just change my diet, I also change the way I move & I adjust my daily rituals. This morning ritual is for summer days or moments throughout the…