Ayurveda For Yoga Teachers Level 1

Yoga & Ayurveda were always meant to be taught together (that’s why we offer lots of Ayurveda in the 200 h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training). But somehow most of us lost the connection to Ayurveda in our modern yoga practice.

In my humble opinion, teaching yoga is challenging without a basic understanding of Ayurveda. Once I started to explore the deep wisdom of Ayurveda, I could offer my students the right yoga for the season of the year or the season of their life. I never had ‘no inspiration’ for a class as Ayurveda taught me what was needed that time of the day or season. It even helped me to design private classes to help heal imbalances.

But – maybe most importantly – it taught me how to be compassionate with myself and my students: we all have tendencies that might bother us or those around us, but by knowing our constitution, we understand these tendencies are simply expressions of our energetic makeup and that we have simple tools to ease our way back to balance.

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and yoga teacher, I’m so thrilled to be finally offering Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers! A 20 hour self led course that will deepen your teaching and create more wellbeing in your own life and the lives of your students.

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The course includes: 
  • 6 60 minute practices
  • 7 Ayurvedic lectures
  • 2 Integration Assignments
  • Manual
Topics covered in the training
  • basics of Ayurveda: elements, dosha theory and more
  • how yoga & Ayurveda relate and why you’ll need Ayurveda to teach balancing, safe and transformative classes
  • how any challenges you might experience in teaching yoga relate to your own Ayurvedic constitution and how Ayurveda can help overcome these challenges
  • how to recognise doshas or imbalances in students in class
  • adjusting your verbal and physical adjustments to different doshas or imbalances
  • sequencing for different doshas or imbalances, both for group and private classes
  • seasons of the year, times of the day and seasons of life and their related dosha
  • creating a healthy (teaching) schedule according to Ayurveda
  • simple daily cleansing & nourishing morning and evening routine to support you in your teaching and life

– you have either finished a 200 h Yoga Teacher Training, are currently enrolled in one or are an experienced yogi with at least 3-4 years of steady practice
– you are willing to explore your own constitution and tendencies first, before helping your students

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