Shashwati B ‘Your personalised yoga program was a wonderful shot in the arm for me :) My boy-friend gifted me this subscription and definitely has earned brownie points for it ! :D Thank you for your energy and kind words. I hope to take what I what I have learned and bring some of it at least into my regular routine.’



Lori ZainoEliza embodies everything yoga should be: peace, acceptance and tolerance. Her classes are dynamic and and fun, and you always leave feeling like a changed person: stronger, happier and more relaxed. :)’


 Elysa HarrisonFirst time today and absolutely loved it! Eliza is an incredible teacher, so welcoming and easy to follow, with great guidance. Can’t wait to go to the next class :)’

Portocolom ProfileSophie Player ‘I discovered Eliza’s classes during my stay in Madrid this winter. An angel in disguise, her teaching and words always struck the right cord with me, she channeled into the energy in the room and her methods, words and teachings elevated everyone in unison. Each class took me on a journey deep into my soul and my physical ability and brought me out the other side feeling completely relieved and energised. Eliza’s caring and calming lavender touch during Savasana sealed the experience and refreshed the mind body and soul, ready to face another day in the city.’


highres_237807762Sae ‘I don’t have the words to describe what Yoga at the Park means to me. Discovering this wonderful, welcoming, happy and awakened international community that Eliza brings together and facilitates is hands down one of the best things that has happened to me since moving to Madrid. Her yoga classes are transformative, liberating and empowering. ¡Me dan vida! I leave feeling a lasting bliss that carries on long after the class ends. Eliza is wise and joyful and human. She doesn´t just teach yoga, she lives it. Her classes make me feel so true to my pure essence. They bring me back to who I am and help me become who I want to be. I am so grateful to have her and Yoga at the Park in my life.’

1958478_10203421153352270_161637666_nCris Mateo-Yanguas ‘I’m going to sleep so well tonight! Thank you, Eliza, for a deliciously relaxing yoga practice this evening.’


khKersten HarriesFrom the first yoga class in the park that I attended, I immediately found Eliza’s positive energy contagious. Her experience and care in planning the flow for each class is evident, her voice and gentle touch are relaxing, and her friendly smile is always appreciated. Eliza so kindly started a special class for us pregnant yogis, and attending it is one of my weekly highlights and has helped me to remain strong and peaceful during my pregnancy. Thank you!

screen shot 2014-04-28 at 11.47.45

Erik Aller Thank you Eliza for the requested morning flow video. I really enjoyed it!’

30658_634449092343_4407543_nAnna Roszak ‘Yoga in the Park has been my yoga home during my time in Madrid. The connection with nature is what initially drew me to Eliza’s classes, but her connection with her students is what made me keep coming back. Eliza has a caring, calm demeanor and bright personality and I am happy to recommend her to anyone on a search for a great yoga class as well as a great yoga teacher.Thank you for being such a positive force in my life! :)’


Jennifer Bruner ‘I want to say thank you. Your energy is a wonderful and positive force that extends beyond your classes.’

screen shot 2014-05-05 at 12.16.42IlariaI am grateful to Eliza for all she teaches and shares with her students. I can feel that her classes are truly heartfelt and rich of positivity and acceptance. She has been an important figure for me at some point, reminding me with the example that, when you do something with your heart, you cannot go wrong.’

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 10.03.59

Marta Bronowicka ‘I wanted to pop in here and thank you for all the work you do. Thank you for your videos, clear instructions and radiant energy and smile :) Thank you note from London. :)’

1240487_10152311826852481_300001271_nAnnamaria de Crescenzio ‘Dear Eliza, a big thank you for being such a beautiful teacher. You opened to us your world full of emotions, elements and images. Personally I have discovered a new way of doing yoga and I will bring your teachings in my practice. I think this is really what a teacher is: someone who shares new ways of seeing reality. Please keep organising these yoga holidays!’



Nelly Light ‘Hi Eliza, thanks for the Yoga, you are such a talented teacher.’

Fam 14 05 Yoga PicBill JudgeDuring my six-month sabbatical in Madrid, I stumbled across Eliza’s class. She introduced me to yoga outdoors for the first time, and provided me with an English-speaking mindfulness community to savor. Eliza’s enthusiasm for yoga outdoors was infectious, and the sunny weather coupled with all the greenery in Retiro Park made this an experience to remember. I particularly enjoyed the broad smile and authenticity of Eliza’s instructional leadership – it helped to remind me to enjoy the process and be myself at all times. Since I was on sabbatical, the stress relief of yoga was less essential to me than back home in the United States. However, my brief discussions with Eliza after class were always informative and uplifting with respect to my yoga practice. Eliza’s presence and energy was one of the many highlights of my stay in Madrid.’

ewaEwa Chojecka ‘After some stressful months, the Yoga Holiday in Italy was exactly what I needed: it made me feel like I was me again, the ‘me’ I had lost for some time. A breathtaking location, heartwarming people and very professional and at the same time personal yoga classes. I liked that there was time for yoga but also for hiking, swimming or doing something else. Perfect combination. I will definitely consider going again.’

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.38.47Snezhana Nikolova When I joined Eliza’s yoga classes, I had just moved to Madrid. I didn’t know anyone and was going through a hard emotional time in my life. Not only did Eliza help me get back my physical fitness with her dynamic lessons, she also helped me restore my inner balance with her amazing personality and calmness. And I found many friends there and started enjoying Madrid to the fullest. I recommend Eliza’s classes. It is going to transform your life!’

View More: Helske ‘Eliza is a caring and positive person who loves yoga and teaching it to others. Her style is clear and she takes your mind, body and spirit in consideration. You always feel she has time for everyone. Every class is different & she gives different options depending on your level. You can really let go of worries and just concentrate on the flow. Although the classes are dynamic, you don’t feel tired afterwards. Just happy, relaxed and peaceful.’

487272_10200558974635265_2092612761_nSandra van Beek I would highly recommend Eliza’s classes! Eliza is great in introducing yoga to beginners, as well as challenging the advanced. In her group classes, she still makes sure time is spent on individual needs. Her classes are diverse: you never get bored! Moreover, she taught me valuable ideas about letting go and stop worrying during yoga and during life. After her class, I always feel relaxed, peaceful and strong, physically and mentally.’
20130824_130143Ann Kast ‘Eliza always works very hard to plan the best lessons for us. This is an amazing way to kick off your week, and I leave the class feeling sweaty, inspired and hungry for more! Thank you for your deep knowledge of and obvious love of yoga.’

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